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Brain Fitness: Photo Biomodulation & Neurofeedback – Episode 188

How do you get started on a brain health program? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Guy Odishaw in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Guy Odishaw is a CTO, NFP, healthcare entrepreneur, bioelectric medicine practitioner, and founder of Bhakti Wellness Center, one of the country’s largest, most diverse, integrative student health clinics at the University of Neuromodulation. Cofounder of Minnesota Bredesen Clinic – Dementia Prevention & Treatment Co-founder of CerebralFit Brain Training, a Nutraceutical, Electroceutical company. Guy’s 30 years of clinical experience specializing in treatment-resistant chronic pain, traumatic brain injury and psycho-emotional trauma informs his approach to brain health. Additionally, his 20+ years as a meditation instructor and facilitator of courses on personal growth help him understand how to support clients through the potent changes arising from Neurotherapy. Brain training not only alleviates unwanted symptoms; but also, positively changes one’s whole sense of self and relationship to the world around them. This episode discussed solutions for addressing cognitive decline and neurodegenerative conditions, bioelectric medicine for improving health and vitality, infrared light’s effect on the brain and body, and the power of entrainment to restore brain function.  

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and Living Young for a Lifetime!

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden talks about the show and what it’s about. (00:53) 
Trained acupuncturist turns to Bioelectric Medicine. (03:49) 
Guy shares how a practitioner invited him to watch her work. (5:02) 
Electrical signals in the body; unexplored, limited potential. (08:54) 
Physical and energetic processes, chemical and electrical levels. (11:21) 
Dr. Gladden notes that Guy may be talking about intelligence at the cellular level. (13:50) 
Guy speaks about gap junctions at the cellular level. (15:26) 
The mouse model shows regrowth, memory not in the brain, consciousness in conversation. (18:37) 
Guy details his progress over time. (21:45) 
Dr. Gladden says to understand what was going on, he discovered they needed both the anatomy and physiology. (23:50) 
QEG provides a detailed analysis of brain communication. (26:56) 
Guy explains entrainment and what he thinks about it. (29:04) 
Approach: Multisystem restoration and disease combat. (32:13)
Guy mentions the use of audio-visual entrainment devices as part of their plan. (32:36) 
Guy describes the glymphatic system as the detox for the brain. (34:55) 
Doctors’ knowledge is outdated, and the medical system is flawed. Electrical stimulation and audiovisual entrainment are explained. (38:20) 
You are best n0t to use your doctor as a measure of progressive medicine. (40:08) 
The mitochondria do a lot of cell signaling. (42:25) 
The device is similar to a brain tap and has some important features. (45:08) 
Neurostimulation can help improve brain function in dementia. (49:28) 
Guy goes into detail about an MIT study. (50:25) 
The autism spectrum is diverse; treatment varies. (53:05) 
Dr. Gladden describes the headband that has been shown and lists what it does. (55:39) 
Guy voices that wearables are great for people who are healthy. (58:13) 
Dr. Gladden remarks about how fascinating the conversation has been. (1:00:37) 
Dr. Gladden thanks Guy Odishaw. (1:03:37) 

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