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RAADFest Super Longevity: Exploring the Limits of Human Lifespan – Episode 189

Is it possible to achieve unlimited lifespan in the human body? What is the importance of changing your mindset about aging and dying? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter and Jim Strole in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. James Strole is the Executive Director of the Coalition for Radical Life Extension, which is the producer of RAADfest, the largest global event of its kind. James is also the Co-Founder and Co-Director of People Unlimited, an organization that supports people interested in unlimited lifespans. Co-author of the book Just Getting Started: Fifty Years of Living Forever, James is a visionary anti-death activist and community builder who has spoken and written on radical life extension and physical immortality for over four decades. He has dedicated his life to challenging death-oriented beliefs and practices and has coached thousands of people in living an ageless lifestyle to achieve healthier, fuller, more vibrant lives. He has appeared on numerous TV shows both domestically and abroad and has spoken to audiences on four continents. This episode discussed the potential for immortality, innate potential, immortal lineage, and upcoming super longevity protocols. Do you know how to get involved, and connect with people that are living and promoting a super longevity lifestyle?

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30, and Living Young for a Lifetime!


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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden talks about the show, and what it’s about and introduces Jim Strole. (1:33) 
Jim and his partner have been studying immortality since 1972. They discuss the early lack of scientific knowledge on the topic but mention hearing a geneticist in 1975 who confirmed the possibility of immortality. They formed an international organization called People Forever to speak about immortality and super longevity worldwide. (02:18) 
Dr. Gladden and Jim say that the fear of death motivates our extreme fear of living, but there is scientific evidence that suggests a longer and healthier lifespan is possible through various innovations. (03:48) 
Immortality may not be achieved through one magic bullet but through a series of steps. (5:14) 
Jim shares that we don’t only have the ability to live an unlimited lifespan but also to be maximally creative. (07:40) 
Jim notes that living without fully embracing goals and being limited by time prevents human development and self-discovery. (10:42) 
Jim explains that because of the old death pattern we live in, we are repeating the same old patterns. (12:45) 
An international organization called People Unlimited promotes unlimited lifespans and immortality. They formed a coalition for radical life extension and organized a Woodstock-like event that drew over a thousand people, including scientists. The event has grown and will have more presenters this year. (15:05) 
They discuss cross-pollination of ideas among brilliant and ambitious individuals in the field, fostering innovation and creating an environment for scientists to collaborate. They also mention a project focused on decoding aging and manipulating genetic expression for youthfulness. (19:29) 
Jim talks about RAADfest, where it’s going to be, the location, and how to learn more. (21:35) 
Jim considers the belief in an innate energy in our bodies that can potentially lead to unlimited lifespans but emphasizes the need for effort and change to access it. (24:02) 
By freeing biology from limiting thoughts, embracing a new life force, and shifting mindset, one can profoundly impact health and productivity, leading to a longer and more fulfilling life. (27:27) 
The spirit of immortality is in our bodies. (29:00) 
For a RAADfest discount code and more information, visit For podcast info, go to and find them on social media. (29:22) 

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