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Cellular Regeneration and Shockwave Therapy- An Interview with Dr. Matthew DiDuro – Episode 107

Show Notes:

  • The “Tip of the Day” which includes the benefits of Mediterranean herbs like Basil and Summer Savory on arterial health [9:15]; 
  • Dr. DiDuro’s personal experience with a sports injury that led him into the field of chiropractic care and pain management [14:30];
  • That pain comes from areas of poor circulation, areas of tissue damage, and inflammation, and how Dr. Diduro’s device has an inverse function on these three things [15:47]; 
  • Dr. DiDuro’s mission to get the message out on this innovative technology and end pain and suffering for millions of people [16:53];
  • The unfortunate results of the drug Vioxx, which was meant to help cure arthritis but caused a lot of health issues, even death, for many [18:05];
  • How Dr. DiDuro’s device not only has a positive effect of decreasing pain, decreasing inflammation, increasing circulation, and improving range of motion but a positive systemic effect with waking and recruiting of stem cells [19:36];
  • What exactly this device is and how it works by using pulse shockwaves [21:30];
  • What is going on at the cellular level and how the device improves membrane permeability [23:52];
  • The different areas where this technology has been used, as well as the different studies that have been conducted with this technology [25:04];
  • The growth and expansion of Dr. DiDuro’s device within the past year and a half [28:42];
  • Dr. Gladden had a personal experience with this device, one that began with skepticism and ended with amazement and his results following treatment [29:17];
  • Dr. DiDuro’s mission is to take this mediocre healthcare system and make it good again by using this device, which he believes is the greatest and most versatile medical device in the past 25 years that no one has heard of [30:40];
  • What hormetic stress is, and a better way to understand it [32:27]; 
  • The comparison of this device, which is non-invasive and uses an anabolic process, to invasive cortisone injections, which have many negative side effects and uses a catabolic process [33:03];
  • How this treatment works with issues like sciatica and peripheral nerve pain, and Dr. DiDuro’s personal experience with using this treatment on his wife, who suffered from chemo-induced peripheral neuropathy [34:45]; 
  • A national health mandate in Austria that required all spinal cord injury patients to receive this treatment within 72 hours of injury, the incredible results thus far in the 4-year study, and the almost miraculous results on those who have already experienced paralysis from their spinal cord injury [36:29];
  • The current statistics on Alzheimer’s and Dementia, as well as the science behind amyloid plaque [41:14]; 
  • Questions pertaining to the potential effect on the temporal lobe, hippocampus, and frontal lobes for stem cell regeneration purposes [42:45];
  • How inflammation is the silent killer and how this technology has the ability to turn off the inflammatory process [43:49];
  • An empowering thought from Dr. Gladden; “How open is your mind to trying some of these newer technologies?” [48:14]; 
  • A closing metaphor from Dr. Mark Young [48:54].

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