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Implementing Wellness Programs in the Workplace – An Interview with Jenna Grubbs – Episode – Episode 106

Jenna Grubbs is the Wellness Program Coordinator at Grubbs Nissan in Bedford, Texas. She is also a client at Gladden Longevity. In this episode, Jenna shares with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden from Gladden Longevity and Dr. Mark Young her implementation of a wellness program using the WHOOP Band at her company that was inspired by what she learned from personal experience at Gladden Longevity!

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Sleep hacks from Dr. Gladden (True Dark Glasses*, Melatonin, Alpha Gabba, and Hemp Extract from Charlotte’s Web) [9:35];
A little more about Jenna Grubbs, her involvement at Gladden Longevity, and her company, Grubbs Nissan [14:35];
All that Jenna learned at Gladden Longevity and how she transferred that to her company’s wellness program initiatives [15:32];
The process of the program, from initially buying everyone WHOOP Bands for Christmas to the different areas of focus [16:15];
Jenna’s personal discovery using the WHOOP Band [18:42];
Jenna’s discoveries after 6 months of the program and how her employees responded [19:32];
The WHOOP Band, respiration measurements, and how it can be utilized to monitor respiration for any signs of COVID or any type of respiratory issues [21:53];
The percentage of people who have continued with the program, and how it has created a core community of people that encourage one another and hold each other accountable [24:35];
How Gladden Longevity changed Jenna’s life [26:43];
The investment that comes with joining Gladden Longevity, and how it helps you not only become healthier and more robust but allows you to help create a path of influence to others becoming healthier and more robust [28:15];
The impact Jenna has made for herself and those in her sphere of influence by involving herself in health, fitness, and longevity at Gladden Longevity [28:15];
The influence Gladden Longevity has had on Jenna developing a different mindset [33:20];
Three pieces of advice from Jenna on how to Live Beyond 120 [37:14];
Dr. Gladden’s empowering thoughts on never underestimating your ability to make an impact and finding your passion [39:17];


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