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Do these guys really have a way to fix the “sick care” system? – Episode 143

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden as he speaks with Michael Brombach, Chief Operating Officer for Recuro Health. He is responsible for driving the strategy and development of Recuro’s digital health platform and products, overseeing integration, go-to-market strategy, and future product innovation. The company he founded, SupDoc, an AI-powered health platform for convenient and efficient care services, was acquired by Recuro Health earlier this year to enhance its integrated capabilities. In this episode, they talk about moving from “sick care” to healthcare, from reactive to proactive, creating the first generation of virtual care, and the key elements of a proactive, value-based, accountable care model that can keep people healthier longer and catch things earlier. Listen in to find out what this care model actually is, how it’s built, how it works, and how it changes the system.

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces Recuro Health, SupDoc, and Michael Brombach. (1:10) 

Micheal talks about his previous experience. (3:30) 

Michael elaborates on value-based care and accountable care. (6:00) 

Dr. Gladden mentions how insurance payers and the hospitals may not get what he is trying to do. (9:29) 

Michael notes how the right tools and the right data could allow physicians to become more efficient and how he left to build SupDoc. (10:00) 

Michael tells what the most significant thing they do at Recuro is. (10:50) 

Michael explains how they have a snapshot in time of the whole-person health. (11:50) 

Dr. Gladden notes that companies invest a lot in training and recruiting, so keeping employees healthy is essential. (13:25) 

Michael addresses the various concerns when a person is doing something different in healthcare. (15:09) 

Dr. Gladden asks if these premiums go higher for the employee, go lower for the employee, or start higher and go lower as they stay healthy. (17:00) 

Michael discusses the key to aligning incentives. Everyone needs to share in both the program’s risk and reward. (19:001) 

Michael tells how the AI is used and how they want to grow it. (21:01) 

Dr. Gladden shares that he is talking with Michael Gordon and how they are writing a white paper together. (23:45) 

Michael brings up the different diagnostic tests available in the market at the moment. (25:17) 

Michael adds that the first significant piece is tailoring testing better, and the second piece is all about what they are doing in behavioral health. (27:07) 

Dr. Gladden talks about how it would be interesting to see how Recuro moves forward. (29:25) 

Dr. Gladden emphasizes that democratizing preemptive care versus reactive care is a massive need. (30:46)

To learn more about what Michael Brombach is doing in the virtual healthcare world and changing the current system:  


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