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Healthy Food That Is Unhealthy For You! – Episode 144

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden as he speaks to Madelynn Walker, who has a degree in Nutrition from Texas A & M. Madelynn is Gladden Longevity’s in-house nutritionist, innovative and experienced, skilled in conducting nutrition assessments and evaluating lifestyle factors. They talk about common questions from clients regarding nutritional testing, food sensitivity testing, their diets, and their plans. This episode also gives you insight into how people orchestrate their diets. They also get granular here and make specific recommendations about where to get the best meat, what kind of unpasteurized milk to buy, and what kind of bars are actually healthy. If you want to start making better and more informed choices, this is for you. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces Madelynn Walker. (2:08) 

Dr. Gladden states that healthy food may not be healthy for an individual. He also mentions that most diets start with food instead of the individual and why that is a problem. (2:55) 

Madelynn talks about the MRT being one of the most accurate food sensitivity blood tests. (4:09) 

Madelynn mentions that the MRT is so much better because it does not just look at one mechanism but considers all of them. (6:00) 

Madelynn notes that IGG isn’t exactly the most useful test with sensitivities because high levels of IGG can either be good or bad. (8:20) 

Madelynn reiterates that food sensitivities are complex and hard to pinpoint. (10:04) 

Dr. Gladden touches on how people eating certain foods will show sensitivity to those foods. (12:30) 

Madelynn brings up the importance of having a well-balanced diet and changing food regularly to avoid or combat food sensitivities. (13:55) 

Madelynn clarifies that there could be a margin of error in food sensitivity testing. (16:00) 

Dr. Gladden asks Madelynn about her recommendations if a person’s MRT test does not indicate sensitivity to gluten and dairy. (19:05) 

Madelynn explains why unpasteurized milk is a better option than pasteurized milk. (21:20) 

Madelynn also adds that for those interested in cow and dairy, it is crucial to get them from a reliable source. (23:20) 

Madelynn educates us on seed oils and how they are excessively hydrogenated. (25:10) 

Dr. Gladden points out how keeping one’s oil in the refrigerator makes it difficult to use. (27:10) 

Madelynn tells us about Yacon syrup and how it has been shown to have really great gut benefits. (29:36) 

Dr. Gladden mentions Terry Cochran as being a big proponent of taking farm-based food. (32:10) 

Madelynn emphasizes that getting your animal protein from organic sources is really important. (34:10) 

Dr. Gladden introduces the issue of how eating and diets become unpredictable when people travel for vacations and things like that. Asks Madelynn for advice. (36:15) 

Madelynn lists out some of the best healthy bars she knows of. (38:20) 

Madelynn shares her top three things for overall health and longevity. (40:12) 

Madelynn’s Healthy Bars Recommendations: 

  1. REDD Bar 
  2. IQ Bar 
  3. Aloha Bar 
  4. Real Food Bar 

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