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Enhancing Male Performance: The “Big Shot,” Hormones, and Regenerative Medicine Perspectives – Episode 219

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Steve Reiter, whom Dr. Cory Torgerson joins! Meet Dr. Cory Torgerson: Canada’s go-to expert for men’s health, intimacy performance, and facial plastic surgery. Renowned from Toronto to the national stage, his exceptional skills and certified expertise make him a trailblazer. A graduate of the University of Toronto, Dr. Torgerson is not just a top-tier surgeon but a sought-after educator, sharing insights on men’s health across North America. Catch him on Global News, The Marilyn Dennis Show, and E! Beauty Channel, transforming lives with excellence from his Toronto base. In this podcast, they explored the factors behind the rise in Erectile Dysfunction (ED) cases, including lifestyle choices and societal pressures. They emphasized the urgency of addressing ED for overall well-being and briefly explained The Big Shot’s unique approach compared to traditional treatments. Actionable takeaways included preventive lifestyle choices, guidance on emotional well-being for ED patients, and strategies to address the condition’s physical and psychological factors.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Cory is a plastic surgeon and ED specialist. (00:38)

Steve talks about hitting the weights. (2:46)

Cory talks about how he goes into what he is doing. (4:12)

Cory shares how his blood tests, except for low testosterone, show normal results. (05:13)

Cory speaks about optimizing testosterone levels and how it has numerous health benefits. (07:40)

Men need estrogen, and women need testosterone. (09:55)

There are many psychological issues with erectile dysfunction. (11:40)

Oxytocin is a magical longevity hormone and affects everything about you. (14:36)

Cory shares what he read about sex as a feast for a woman, and the men are invited. (16:17)

Men universally desire for enlarged genitals and safety innovations. (18:07)

Dr. Gladden wants to know how the Big Shot works. (21:15).

Dr. Gladden wants to know if Cory is adding volume to the penis. (23:20)

Dr. Gladden asks if there are any side effects. (27:36)

Cory reveals how it is a dissolvable product that can be fixed easily. (29:14)

Dr. Gladden highlights the importance of nitric oxide, Mediterranean herbs, and the dangers of fluoride. (31:20)

Dr. Gladden says helping men navigate trauma is important, too. (33:04)

Steve wants to know the natural part Cory would recommend for men who want to get their testosterone up. (36:33)

Cory mentions that using supplements can be risky due to a lack of regulation and potential impurities. (37:56)

Cory thanks Dr. Gladden for the opportunity. (40:33)

Cory thinks that regenerative medicine is going to be transformative in the next five to ten years. (42:54)

Dr. Gladden says there is a research out of Harvard right now that has identified a molecule that will postpone menopause. (44:48)

Cory looks forward to celebrating Dr. Gladden’s hundredth birthday. (46:57)

Dr. Gladden looks forward to seeing Cory’s clinic. (48:48)

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