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Future of Forever: Crafting Lifelong Wellness with Genomic Insights, Nature’s Bounty, and Personalized Health Journeys – Episode 220

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, where we uncover the latest insights in health optimization, longevity, and human performance. In this episode, our hosts, Steve Reiter and Dr. Jeffrey Gladden sit down with guest Brian Cornblatt. Dr. Brian S. Cornblatt, Chief Medical Officer at BioHarvest Sciences, is a seasoned researcher with a Ph.D. in Pharmacology from Johns Hopkins. Overseeing product development and clinical trials, he pioneers novel formulations utilizing plant-based phytochemicals to combat inflammation. As the co-founder of International Nutrition Associates, he extends clinical trial-backed nutraceuticals globally. With a rich history in clinical research,

Dr. Cornblatt’s leadership spans Nutramax Laboratories and the Catholic Health Initiatives Center for Translational Research. His personal dedication, influenced by his parents’ cancer battles, fuels a commitment to health promotion and cancer research, marking him as a distinguished figure in medical science. In this insightful podcast, the discussion delves into the intricate relationship between genetics and environmental exposures, emphasizing their profound impact on health and wellness. The spotlight is on the effective utilization of plant-derived phytonutrients, with a specific focus on the potency of metabolites, highlighting piceid resveratrol. Three key points underscore the importance of individual responsibility for health advocacy, the necessity of personal effort in maintaining health through sensible habits, and the significant role of nutrition in Western Medicine. Actionable takeaways include practical tips for healthier grocery shopping, the importance of targeted supplementation based on genomics tests, and the unique benefits of VINIA, a groundbreaking nutraceutical offering a holistic spectrum of health-promoting plant-based phytonutrients.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Steve says BioHarvest Science is absolutely fascinating. (00:38)

Dr. Gladden shares that there are many things happening in Gladden Longevity and that a podcast would be done soon to share details. (03:00)

Brian said if someone told him he would be doing what he was doing today he wouldn’t believe. (04:20)

There are people that are really passionate about making a significant impact for the planet. (06:39)

Brian explains that before now people believe cancer was genetic but recent development has shown the real causes in that area. (9:00)

Dr. Gladden mentions genes that increase the risk for  breast and prostate in men and women. (11:09)

Dr. Gladden ask Brian to talk a little bit about Sulforaphane. (13:29)

Brian is convinced that he is protected from chemicals all around him. (16:30)

If you are working on the root cause level you are reduced to treating symptoms. (19:40)

Majority of diseases are not all diseases. (21:29)

Brian highlights how some molecules given to mice can cause breast tumors. (24:39)

Brian intends to take some of the worst food out there and make it healthy. (28:50)

A lot of education goes into finding the right supplement. (31:25)

As we get older our blood vessels may start to constrict, hindering us from getting oxygen to the far reaches of our brain. (37:44)

Taking Vinia not only comes with longevity benefits but also other benefits. (41:09)

No two Vinia users will get exactly the same results. (44:52)

Dr. Gladden asks Brian to talk about his product. (47:40)

Brian explains how every single compound has its own range. (53:10)

Steven announces the discount code. (58:17)

Brian shares a solution in the works that obliterates glioblastoma. (1:02:00)

To make changes in your diet, start with one meal a day. (1:04:53)

Brian disclose that he is an addict cold plunger. (1:07:05)

The goal is a thirty year old body and a three hundred year old mind. (1:09:25)

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