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From Tumors to Triumph: Pulse Shock Wave Therapy and the Power of Minerals – Episode 216

Welcome to another episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast with Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Ian Clark! Ian Clark, the CEO of Activation Products (Can) Inc., faced bankruptcy and a dire health prognosis at 46. Despite being given only 1000 days to live, he survived and established a successful raw supplement business in his basement. Within two years, the company reached hundreds of thousands of people. Now 65, Ian Clark’s health surpasses his state at 25. Experiencing severe health issues in 2004, he delved into natural healing, founding Activation Products in 2007 with his family. For 16 years, the company has positively impacted countless lives globally, inspiring others to heal naturally. This episode talks about detoxification, longevity, air toxicity, and nano-razor blades. They also touch on satiation in the body, foundation health, and mindset.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

Dr. Gladden reveals how his earlier conversation with Ian helped him boost his immune system. (1:33)

Steve notes the importance of sunlight in keeping good health. (3:27)

Dr. Gladden says you can make improvements when you can decode your situation. (5:20)

Ian shares how he was gradually getting worse by the day. (7:50)

Ian recollects how he woke up, realizing that there must be people somewhere who know how to stay healthy naturally. (9:50)

Ian talks about cleaning his diet. (12:14)

Ian opens up about a spray bottle that kills infections. (14:45)

Dr. Gladden wants to know why Ian persisted with a product despite the product’s negative effects. (16:20)

Ian notes how he found out his liver was messed up. (18:11)

Ian points out how he did millions of sales. (21:55)

Dr. Gladden mentions that our food is so nutrient-depleted. (23:30)

Ian goes over some of the major improvements he witnessed. (26:20)

Ian remembered how he healed a knee injury he had for a very long time. (28:45)

Ian shows a picture of his knee after his first treatment. (31:20)

Dr. Gladden wants to know how many sessions are enough. (35:25)

You can do some things to tap into the body’s power to heal. (38:00)

Ian talks about how he worked on his knees. (41:20)

Every cell in the body needs iodine.  (44:33)

Ian differentiates between potassium iodide and iodine. (47:25)

Dr. Gladden expresses willingness to get one of the activators. (50:35)

Ian shares how his body is working perfectly, taking his formula. (58:00)

Ian looks to have one million early adopters and innovators by 2028. (1:00:43)

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