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Green Goo and Psychedelics: Jodi Scott’s Trailblazing Path in Plant-Based Medicine – Episode 217

In this episode, join us as we explore the visionary journey of Jodi Scott, a trailblazer in the health and wellness domain. With over two decades of experience, a Master’s degree in Health Psychology, and expertise in Psychoneuroimmunology, Jodi, the CEO of Sierra Sage Herbs, shares her mission in reshaping human health. Together with her sister and mother, they’ve birthed revolutionary brands like Green Goo First Aid and the innovative Good Goo CBD line. Their commitment to plant-based product development, guided by a unique full-spectrum lipid extraction process, stands at the heart of their mission. Jodi’s vision transcends boundaries, as seen in Sierra Sage Herbs’ merger with Melodiol Global Health, signaling a move toward international expansion and alternative modalities. Join us for insights into Plant-Based Nutrition, bridging alternative medicine with mainstream wellness, sustainable business practices, and empowerment through alternative healing. Tune in for a transformative journey inspired by the wisdom of plant-powered living and alternative medicine.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

Show Notes

We are really devoted to helping you live young for a lifetime. (00:44)

Dr. Gladden loved the conversation with Jodi. (2:10)

Dr. Gladden speaks about how Jodie agreed to jump on the podcast and welcome Jodi to the show. (4:10)

Jodi mentions how being intentional worked for her. (6:15)

Jodi recollects how she started her first health psychology graduate program and progressed over time. (8:05)

Jodi points out physicians were not taking statistics classes fifteen to twenty years ago. (10:05)

Jodi introduces her idea of making the topic therapeutic with plants. (12:13)

Jodi specifies her thought process of creating sustainable plant-based solutions for skincare. (14:39)

 Jodi highlights the process of making therapeutics from plants. (16:43)

Jodi says when using plants, you can only use them in the same way the FDA uses them. (18:19)

Dr. Gladden thinks ancient culture had insight into many plant-based solutions. (20:05)

Jodi explains how her company is family-founded and explores medicinal plant compounds. (22:01)

Jodi gives examples of using some of her plant-based first aid products. (24:40)

Understanding skin’s relationship to longevity and mind-body connection. (26:23)

Dr. Gladden asks Jodi if they have any kind of sunscreen product. (28:19)

Dr. Gladden congratulated Jodi for being the new CEO and asked her why she entered the recent merger. (31:04)

Jodi mentions how Psilocybin has a significant impact on mental health. (33:35)

Different mushrooms have different effects and different intensities. (35:55)

Jodi responds to Dr. Gladden that her product doesn’t have cannabis. (38:16)

Dr. Gladden questioned Jodi about any solutions available to help with gut health. (40:22)

Jodi says prioritizing her health is important to her despite the many things she to do..(46:05)

Jodi gives us an insight into the book she is writing, it’s focused on skin health from a holistic perspective. (48:10)

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