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Get The Benefits of Fasting Without Fasting? – Episode 186

In this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast, hosts Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter, and guest Chris Rhodes delve into the multi-faceted benefits of fasting, beyond metabolic factors, for overall health and longevity. Chris Rhodes is a biochemistry graduate from Loyola Marymount University and Nutritional Biochemistry PhD from UC Davis. He completed an Immunology fellowship at Stanford, where he developed a passion for longevity and anti-aging research. Initially, it seemed to be a myth, but Chris soon realized that it’s a legitimate area of research with an enormous impact on disease prevention. Chris is dedicated to exploring the science behind longevity to find solutions that can solve the progression of all diseases, which is why he is Co-Founder and CEO at Mimio Health. Mimio is a nutraceutical company pioneering the world’s first fasting mimetic supplement designed from clinical research to replicate the cellular health benefits of fasting without the need to fast. In this conversation, they explore fasting’s profound impact on key factors such as cholesterol eFlux, inflammation, and oxidative stress while cautioning against hasty and excessive fasting practices. Rhodes provides valuable insights from his research on metabolites and their role in lifespan extension. The three also examine the positive effects of 36-hour fasting and discuss a promising CBD alternative, Pea, as a potential lifespan extender. The episode underlines the importance of consistent longevity practices and provides a comprehensive understanding of fasting as a tool for enhanced health and anti-aging. 

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30, and Living Young for a Lifetime! 


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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes everyone to the show. (2:27) 
Exciting updates on research initiatives for the audience. (02:44) 
Steve shares that he is so excited about the future of Gladden Longevity. (3:56) 
Dr. Gladden speaks about how impressed he is with Chris’s thoughts and approach. (5:12) 
Chris goes over his background and motivations. (6:02) 
Study shows eating three meals beats fasting. (9:30) 
Dr. Gladden says fasting is incredibly helpful. (11:26) 
Chris points out that periods of fasting time greater than 24 hours produce better results. (13:00) 
Fasting triggers cell survival and rejuvenation. (14:27) 
AMPK activation triggers restorative functions, impacting longevity. (16:29) 
Dr. Gladden notes that in the longevity space, what you are doing and what you are actually doing may be two completely different things. (18:46) 
Chris questions the effect of some popular practices and if they are actually beneficial in the long term. (19:41) 
Chris highlights the benefits of fasting. (22:24) 
Chris talks about what happens in the body during different nutritional states. (25:37) 
Cholesterol eFlux: a better indicator than levels. (26:02) 
Dr. Gladden reminds us that PCSK9 is inherited. (29:25) 
Fasting benefits: cholesterol, immunity, aging, inflammation. (32:03) 
AI programs replaced graduate student labor used. (35:23) 
Chris goes over the list of ingredients they identified, including spermidine. (38:05) 
PEA molecule enhances mood, eases pain, and improves sports performance. (40:07) 
Dr. Gladden refers to different types of PEA -the micronized PEA and the ultra-micronized PEA. (43:50) 
There are different gradations of Pea in the way that it’s processed, which is the normal Pea micronized Pea, and then the final form, which is ultra-micronized Pea. (45:04) 
Mimio helps suppress appetite during weight loss. (47:13) 
Oxytocin compliments Mimio for weight loss. (50:22) 
In the healthy aging space, you have things going typically the opposite. (55:03) 
Starting with fasting to enhance longevity benefits. (58:49) 
Mimio helps you optimize your fasting. (1:00:35) 
Dr. Gladden gives a combination that helps you stay way ahead. (1:03:40) 
Mimio cycling is good for the body’s homeostasis. (01:05:43) 
You don’t want to be doing the same thing every day. (1:08:04) 
Mimio helps mitigate stress from one meal. (01:11:37) 
Use the code Gladden10 to get 10% off your first order. (1:15:27) 
Dr. Gladden thanks Chris for the chat and promises to have more discussions as new things come to light. (1:16:05) 

To learn more about Chris Rhodes and/or Mimio, check out the following:  

Instagram: @mimiohealth 
Twitter: @mimiohealth 
LinkedIn: @mimiohealth 
Read the paper in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition: (


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