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Why You Can’t Get There Without Genetics and Where to Start – Episode 185

What must you look at to optimize your health and live younger for longer? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter, and Joe Cohen in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Cohen experienced various health issues, such as inflammation, brain fog, fatigue, and digestive problems, which were poorly understood in traditional healthcare. Determined to find better solutions, he delved into learning about his DNA and tracking biomarkers to improve his health. This personalized approach enabled him to optimize his well-being to a level he never imagined. Inspired by his own success, Joe founded SelfDecode, the first direct-to-consumer DNA analyzer and precision health tool. SelfDecode offers accurate insights and health recommendations by utilizing AI-driven polygenic risk scoring. With over 100,000 people benefiting from SelfDecode, Joe aims to empower individuals to embrace precision health and unlock insights from their DNA and biomarkers for optimal well-being. This episode discussed health optimization, genetics, and data’s role in well-being. He covered biological age, reversing it with genes and lab data. Joe also emphasized data’s importance over traditional beliefs and genetics’ role in understanding the body, longevity, atherosclerosis, and polygenic risk scoring, and he shared experiences with testosterone, lab tests, health optimization framework, and addressing food sensitivities. Is there a one size fits all health solution? 

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30, and Living Young for a Lifetime! 


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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes everyone to the podcast. (2:10) 
Learning to surf on a paddle board with Dr. Gladden. (02:31) 
Dr. Gladden says Joe is an accomplished individual. (3:10) 
Joe highlights the importance of good mood, energy, immunity, body, sleep, and social interactions. (06:09) 
Dr. Gladden asks Joe what instigated him to do genetic testing. (8:02) 
Dr. Gladden wants to know when Joe started doing DNA testing. (10:20) 
Joe shares that the critical missing piece of biochemistry is genetics. (13:18) 
Genetic testing refines patient care options. (14:30) 
Genetic testing needs high-quality sampling.  (16:32) 
How do I improve my health? What should I do? (18:08) 
Genetics affects how our body responds. (20:55) 
The functional medicine movement is moving towards looking at individual variants and prescribing based on individual variants. (22:09) 
Joe says other companies are looking at a few generic variants. (24:46) 
The algorithm tested on public data predicts diagnoses. (26:04) 
Joe highlights what they do differently by sharing about imputation. (28:55) 
There is no 80/20 rule in science. (31:17) 
Genome sequencing found carrier traits; low impact. (33:00) 
Dr. Gladden commends Joe’s company for reporting details in a way that is actually usable. (35:59) 
Joe explains how risk scores and recommendations work. (37:30) 
Joe touches on how genetics are really good as foundational data. (39:53) 
Genetics aren’t destiny, and they adapt to the environment. (41:31) 
Dr. Gladden says knowing your blueprint is one thing and how it has been expressed is another one. (43:19) 
Joe notes that cardiovascular disease is a big killer. (45:25) 
Tests superseded by reverse cholesterol transport method. (46:20) 
Cardiovascular report: top recommendations, genetic variants. (49:37) 
You can do a test for any marker that is of interest to you. (52:44) 
TMAO is made by bacteria in the gut, and your diet determines the level. (54:00) 
Get summary reports for personalized health journeys. (56:04) 
Biology has to be balanced, and it’s about getting the dose and frequency right. (59:20) 
Lack of security and privacy in companies. (01:02:50) 
Joe reveals that they have someone that focuses on data compliance. (1:04:26) 
DNA testing varies in accuracy and algorithm.  (01:07:31) 
Joe emphasizes how their algorithm is better. (1:09:05) 
Dr. Gladden talks about where his parents came from. (1:11:39) 

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