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H2 for Health and Performance: Tapping into the Benefits of Hydrogen Water for Optimal Living – Episode 207

Do you know not all water is created equal and that water is the transducer of life? Join Jeffrey Gladden and Michael Hobson in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Michael Hobson’s lifelong exploration of frequencies, from his background as a mathematician to his ventures in the music industry, led him to a profound interest in water. His nearly decade long study of water’s properties and frequencies revealed its significance as a foundational element for life on Earth. Michael’s journey brought him to a unique spring in Idaho known as Crystal Spring, where pristine water emerges at 139 degrees Fahrenheit and 80 gallons per minute. Recognizing the exceptional quality and importance of water, he founded Aquene Springs, aiming to share this Source Water with the world while preserving the surrounding untouched natural environment. Hobson believes that frequencies can facilitate human connection, communication, and healing, and water plays a pivotal role in life, longevity, health, and personal growth. This episode discusses the role of water and intention in healthful longevity and about silica and detoxing in the aluminum age. As the podcast progresses, they discuss how silica-rich water can help combat chronic inflammation, how thoughts affect the structured water in your body, and how you can change yourself by speaking to water.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr Gladden introduces Michael Hobson. (01:21)

Steve Reiter shares about his weekend. (3:58)

Mathematics may not be an adequate tool to explain the universe. (6:30)

Dr. Gladden asks Michael about his experience with business and economics. (8:55)

Michael shares about the structured water in the body and the role it plays. (12:08)

Dr. Gladden tries to clarify how people use sound to enter. (14:37)

Michael recollects how he sold his record. (18:18)

Michael remembers meeting Gerald Pollock for nature’s critical guidance. (20:16)

Micheal highlights his journey and attends a water conference. (22:08) 

Silica is a form of silicon and is not found on its own. (24:35)

Silica is helpful, and there are a lot of supplements. (27:30)

Structured water facilitates photonic and electrical cell interaction. (29:20) 

Water is continuously being made on the earth. (37:12)

Vibration is the basis for the gym industry and senses. (42:20)

Finding your mission and your path, all starts with a thought. (46:40)

You can breathe life into an idea by verbalizing it. (49:43)

You can speak to water about what your true intention is all about. (53:35)

Sometimes, we go too far trying to make water as pure as possible. (59:40)

Michael speaks about a research project he would be interested in executing. (01:01:36)

Michael shares what he would be celebrating in a year. (1:05:25)

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