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Maximizing Potential: The Secrets to Becoming an Ultra-Gifted Athlete – Episode 206

Do you know how to get grounded? Join Jeffrey Gladden and Justin Frandson in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Justin Frandson is a Performance Coach, Author, and Founder of & He saw his pro athletes breaking down from wearable technology and looked to nature to solve this challenge. He rolled out Lean Oil and is an industry leader in natural EMF protection.This episode discusses EMFs, how they are the #1 invisible stressor on the body, and where the stressors are in your home with EMF meters. They also talk about how Non-native EMFs are environmental toxins and how we can co-exist with them when we maintain our life force through healthy lifestyles and grounding. Do you know how to get grounded both inside and outside your house?

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces Justin Frandson. (1:45)

Justin talks about nerve work. (3:24)

Justin shares how they sell their products directly to doctors. (04:29)

Justin said he had a lot of learning experiences in his younger days. (6:40)

Justin lists some of the tools he uses to train people. (8:00)

Justin says that lots of horses do a lot of figure eight. (10:00)

Justin gives an example of a doctor who developed a stretching system. (12:25)

Justin highlights how working together with both sides of the brain from a young age
can help an athlete become successful. (14:55)

Justin recollects how he hurt his wrist an
d ligament a few years back. (17:42)

Kids staying on touchscreen longer may have nerve pain in the future. (19:40)

We are not made with one directional wave, and electricity is made with one directional
wave. (22:30)

We are one with the universe. (24:31)

Justin explains that a lot of the work they are doing is in that Alpha brain wave state. (26:25)

Justin talks about how they use light therapy to fire the muscles quicker. (29:20)

The nervous system is key to muscle strength and performance. (31:05)

Justin mentions that no effective meters for wireless signals have been found. (33:40)

Anything plugged into the wall is plugged into the grid (36:00)

Justin lists some of the crystals that help with EMF. (39:02)

It is important to use technology properly and not let it use us. (43:15)

Justin explains how solar flares and cosmic shifts affect health and energy. (45:40)

AI is going to revolutionize the industry. (51:40)

Justin recommends staying grounded in nature is crucial for health. (53:37)

Justin is passionate about unlearning for true health and well-being. (55:30)

Justin says he would love to dive into more waveform technology. (57:25)

Justin speaks about some of the things that can help people with longevity. (59:20)

Dr. Gladden thanks Justin for the show. (01:01:45)

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