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How Do You Do The Impossible? – Episode 130

Dr. Jeffery Gladden sits with Amy Albright and Drew Pierson. Drew is an expert in neural feedback, doing EEGs, and also designs programs to help reset the brain. They all talk about neural feedback and do a little bit of spiritual diving. They talk about the inner cycle of life’s energy force and its foundation for health, longevity, and performance. The talk about the major components of the inner cycle of life energy forces like growth mindset, optimizing mental health, feeling loved, letting love flow, optimizing relational health, feeling joy, optimizing spiritual health, optimizing wisdom, feeling safe, and feeling energetic resonance with the universe or a greater sense of purpose.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden talks about meeting Amy and Drew on a weekend retreat in California and talked about the inner cycle of life’s energy force. (1:16)

Dr. Gladden welcomes Amy and Drew to the show, and Amy and Drew talk about the approach to optimizing life, health, optimizing life energy, and longevity. (4:07)

Amy talks about having a life’s purpose and what it means to different people, and Drew talks about how what he does is complementary to what  Amy does. (7:16)

Dr. Gladden talks about his experience working with Amy and Drew and how it works in rewriting the brain’s software. (10:00)

Amy talks about how she works with Drew to help clients optimize and help with current problems, future problems, and being their best selves. (13:10)

Amy talks about how safety is an underrepresented topic and its importance for everything. (17:00)

Drew mentions how their training helps clients gain control over their subtle actions. (21:05)

Amy lets us know that what people ascribe as personality is a collection of fears and a lack of safety kind of instances. (23:00)

Dr. Gladden mentions that we are the agents of our disease and the agent of our health. (26:01)

Drew says that the growth and learning have kept him interested in the field. (30:30)

Amy mentions that it is not about if we have arrived as we move forward but that there is more. (35:11)

Amy mentions that when people go towards the things they are afraid of, they are actually establishing a bigger foundation of safety. (40:20)

Dr. Gladden mentions that if people could communicate telepathically, there would be better communication and collaboration. (45:15)

Amy refers to how friends, twins, people who spend more time together, and married couples start to know things about each other. (50:12)

Amy uses an analogy to explain consciousness. (55:25)

Drew talks about how breathwork is a key to so many things and how it shifts consciousness. (59:23)

Amy gives some take-aways, which include finding and staying in that state of passion and “fully aliveness,” striving to be in command of your reality, remembering that science may not be enough to find all the meanings and looking at science plus spirituality for answers. (1:01:34)

Amy talks about the Awaken Intensive. (1:05:39)

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