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How To Redefine Your Life – Episode 131

Dr. Jeffery Gladden sits with Ari Tulla, a San Francisco-based entrepreneur and the co-founder & CEO of the smart nutrition service, Elo, whose mission is to transform food from the leading cause of disease to medicine. Ari is also an active investor who is involved with many start-ups. In their discussion, they touch on healthcare, supplements, human performance and longevity. As the conversation progresses, they talk about how most of the US healthcare spending (over 50%) goes into managing diet-related chronic conditions while only 3% is spent on preventive care. They also touch on how long it takes for chronic conditions to develop and how long it takes to reverse them. In this episode, you also know how food is the preventive medicine we have today and the smart nutrition option Elo offers. This episode contains many practical and actionable takeaways you must not miss.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcome Ari to the show. (1:38)

Ari talks about his fitness journey. (2:42)

Dr. Gladden mentions how we need to be adaptable regarding exercising, our fitness routine, and making fitness and exercising habitual. (4:54)

Ari says it’s essential to create time for yourself and for what is most important to you by blocking out the time. ( 7:18)

Ari gives details about his fitness and nutritional journey. (9:18)

Dr. Gladden buttresses Ari’s point about how food quenches or fans the flames of inflammation. (13:41)

Dr. Gladden mentions how decluttering your life and diet leads to lower stress levels. (16:41)

Ari goes over the mission statement of Elo, which primarily is to make food medicine. He also opens up on the idea of smart nutrition, how it’s personalized, made for you, precise and proactive. (20:11)

Ari explains the concept of gamifying the monitoring of health indicators and real-time feedback. (25:30)

Ari suggests doing small things or making small changes that make a big difference. (29:45)

Ari states how he is approaching the challenge of creating a massive impact through Elo and things they are looking out to implement. ( 37:00)

Dr. Gladden explains the importance of nutrient density and taking nutrient-dense food and how taking nutrient-dense food takes your hunger away. (44:40)

Ari speaks about how controlling your food can significantly impact your weight. (46:10)

Dr. Gladden emphasizes how eating nutrient-dense food will make people less hungry and get the nutrients they want. (48:30)

Dr. Gladden speaks about the declining life span and declining health span. (54:33)

Ari mentions the top 3 things to extend longevity, and he touches on food, sleep, and movement. (55:25)


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