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Is How You Are Thinking About Your Health Your Biggest Problem? – Episode 176

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter, and Dr. Howard Cohn in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Howard Cohn is the CEO and Founder of the Cohn Health Institute. At the Cohn Health Institute, he has treated over 50,000 patients, trained over 50 associate doctors, and taught over 1500 health education classes. Dr. Cohn believes the body was designed to heal itself as long as it’s given the correct basic building blocks in order to do so and is allowed to function free of interference. During that time, he built his own global nutritional supplement company, SevenPoint2, which was later acquired by Seacret Direct, where Dr. Cohn now serves as the Director of Product Development for Nutrition and the Chairman of the Science Advisory Board. This episode discusses how the body is designed to heal itself if given the right tools and allowed to function free of interference, that nutritional supplementation is a necessity, not a luxury, and that when working with patients if you’re not testing, you’re guessing. As the conversation deepens, they talk about time-tested nutritional supplement protocols for health and healing. Do you know the difference between prevention and early detection? Listen to find out more. 

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes and introduces Dr. Cohn. (2:50) 

Dr. Cohn talks about what goes on at Cohn Health Institute. (3:45) 

Dr. Cohn recounts telling his parent that he wants to be a chiropractor. (5:57) 

Dr. Cohn shares that a lot of what they do is based on traditional Chinese medicine and the meridian system. (8:00) 

Dr. Cohn discloses toxic material dentists put in people’s mouths. (11:00) 

Dr. Gladden asks Dr. Cohn how he deals with emotional states. (13:58) 

Dr. Cohn shares that emotion that is not expressed is repressed until it becomes expressed as a disease or dysfunction. (17:28) 

Dr. Cohn states that when they deal with patients, they do not psychoanalyze but look for where there is a neurological break. (20:28) 

Dr. Gladden asks Dr. Cohn if he is able to find out what happened to people while in the womb. (22:26) 

Dr. Cohn details one of the most common things he hears when he does his work is “How could you know about that.” (24:36) 

Dr. Cohn reveals that taking a picture of before and after treatment shows a big difference in people. (28:10) 

Dr. Gladden says it is interesting to cultivate the skill of trying to stand in other people’s shoes. (31:24) 

Dr. Cohn gives an example of a dog that they helped overcome an experience that was holding it back from climbing stairs. (33:55) 

Dr. Cohn says that treatment is durable and that it’s done once someone clears something out. (35:23) 

Dr. Gladden says that when it comes to health, you should consider robustness and resilience. (38:17) 

Dr. Gladden emphasizes the importance the treatment could have in pre-marital counseling. (42:15) 

Dr. Cohn shares that people don’t know what they don’t know. (45:00) 

Dr. Cohn says if you get people to change the terrain of their bodies, then people would encounter fewer problems. (47:35) 

Dr. Gladden shares that hydrogen is one of the cornerstones of health. (50:26) 

Steve questions Dr. Cohn about how to access the services they offer. (52:22) 

Dr. Gladden thanks Dr. Cohn. (56:41)

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