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Is NOVOS foundational to your longevity? – Episode 147

Join Dr. Gladden in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast where he chats with Chris Mirabile, who, at a young age, came to grips with his mortality, which motivated him to develop a solution that addresses all hallmarks of aging simultaneously. As a serial entrepreneur, brain tumor survivor, and the youngest winner of NYU Stern’s business plan competition, Chris Mirabile is known for beating the odds, and he is the Founder and CEO of In this podcast, they talk about a lot of things that will help you live healthier and better. They also touch on his longevity-relevant results: epigenetic clocks, telomere length, age-correlated physical performance markers, and NOVOS’ first-to-market, novel approach to addressing all hallmarks of aging simultaneously. 

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces Chris Mirabile. (1:38) 

Dr. Gladden asks Chris what got him interested in the longevity journey. (2:19) 

Dr. Gladden mentions that Chris was only sixteen years old and had to deal with a brain tumor. (3:23) 

Chris talks about how his experience was a gift and how it transformed his perspective in life. (5:02) 

Chris describes how he spent time trying to find out about his experience by analyzing his genes, and the probability of it happening again, how it could have been exacerbated by the environment or upbringing. (7:02) 

Chris shares examples of the steps he was taking to optimize his health. (9:04) 

Chris specifies what drove him into longevity. (11:05) 

Dr. Gladden brings up how mutation can impact your longevity and your life. (13:17) 

Chris touches on how you can optimize your health and longevity here and now. (15:10) 

Chris explains how genes are turned on and off. (17:01) 

Dr. Gladden notes that just because something looks good on paper does not mean it will be good for you. (19:28) 

Chris mentions how a paper on the hallmarks of aging got him interested in what he is doing today. This paper also helped him understand that there are biological causes of aging and that there are ways to offset them or slow them down. (20:50) 

Chris talks about how most doctors are skeptical about supplements. (23:01) 

Dr. Gladden elaborates on giving out wrong doses to the wrong people for the wrong period and then judging such supplements/medication as useless. (26:15) 

Chris explains what he has created and how NOVOS came into being. (29:27) 

Chris mentions the amount of time it takes to study human lifetime. (31:20) 

Chris discusses some tests done with NOVOS products. (33:20) 

Chris touches on the challenge discovered in trying to destroy senescent cells without damaging nearby tissues. (35:25) 

Chris tells us how Novos products were able to reduce single-strand and double-strand DNA breaks. (37:20) 

Dr. Gladden asks Chris if he has had other opportunities to measure other metrics of aging. (39:17) 

Chris shares how someone who took the products for six months witnessed changes in their measured ages. (41:10) 

Chris mentions how important it is for you not to have short telomeres. (43:25) 

Chris elaborates on a clock that uses principle component analysis. (47:20) 

Chris differentiates first-generation clocks and second-generation clocks. (49:40) 

Dr. Gladden explains that one test does not give the complete picture of aging. (52:10) 

Chris talks about how it takes a whole lot more time to reverse accumulated damage. (54:50) 

Dr. Gladden states how they would use NOVOS products to help achieve their goals. (57:10) 

Chris adds that many different factors play into aging. (58:05) 

Dr. Gladden appreciates Chris for being on the call. (59:10) 

Learn more about Chris and the work that NOVOS is doing. 







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