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What you didn’t know about Dr. Gladden – Episode 146

In this episode, join Steven Reiter, the technical producer of the Gladden Longevity Podcast, as he interviews Dr. Jeffrey Gladden. Steve Reiter is a 25-year internationally syndicated broadcasting professional.  He spent 12+ years working on the internationally syndicated radio show, Focus on the Family.  Steve was overseeing the production department in 2008 when FOTF was inducted into the National Radio Hall of Fame (beating out Howard Stern, Bob Costas, and Dr. Laura). In this conversation, they share Dr. Gladden’s childhood, how he got into medicine, his journey, and his life story. Want to get to know Dr. Gladden a little better? This episode is packed with gems you don’t want to miss!

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Steven Reiter introduces himself and talks about his interest and how he’s been following the podcast. (00:30)

Dr. Gladden talks about his interest in sports growing up and his thoughts about the existence of God as a young boy. (02:40)

Dr. Gladden shares a memory of liking to walk to school as a little boy. (04:20)

Steve asks Dr. Gladden what he wanted to be when he was growing up, and Dr. Gladden surprises him with the answer. (6:00)

Dr. Gladden mentions how physicians told his parents to put his sister in a home because of her challenge. (8:10)

Dr. Gladden talks about how he was the first person in his family to attend four years of college. (10:15)

Dr. Gladden speaks about taking senior-level courses in seminary. (12:05)

Dr. Gladden goes over how interesting medical school was for him. (15:12)

Dr. Gladden speaks about thinking to himself while growing up that he is smart enough to do what he wants. (17:38)

Gladden mentions the evolution of doctors trying to sit at the bedside of patients twenty-four hours. (19:32)

Steve questioned Dr. Gladden about how he moved from internal medicine to cardiology. (22:03)

Dr. Gladden mentions how the birth of his son Chris was a transformative moment for him. (24:10)

Steve questions Dr. Gladden about what it was like starting a practice. (27:15)

Dr. Gladden details how he started his own practice and grew it up to 12 doctors and 10 offices. (29:40)

Dr. Gladden talks about getting into shape in his early forties. (32:35)

Dr. Gladden mentions how exercise is always enjoyable for him. (34:18)

Dr. Gladden goes over riding high-performance motorcycles. (36:10)

Dr. Gladden details how he and his wife learn how to heli-snowboard. (38:23)

Dr. Gladden mentions routine testing, which he carried out due to how he was feeling, and discovered that everything was okay and that he was just getting older. (40:00)

Dr. Gladden adds how testing showed he was hormonally depleted. (42:15)

Dr. Gladden speaks about the four to five years when he was trying to figure things out. (44:30)

Dr. Gladden comments that it’s been ten years this month since he started Gladden Longevity, formerly known as Apex. (45:55)

Dr. Gladden talks about the services Gladden Longevity offers and their ideal clients. (48:00)

Dr. Gladden goes over one of the programs at Gladden longevity which involves a 90-day sprint. (50:23)

Dr. Gladden shares info from an article about how the nine markers of aging have increased to nineteen. (52:19)

Dr. Gladden talks about how age five was a rough year for him as a child. (54:19)

Dr. Gladden talks about what wisdom means to him. (56:08)

Dr. Gladden says that language is a poor form of communication and elaborates. (58:00)

Dr. Gladden mentions that having a greater sense of purpose is important as you grow. (1:02:40)

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