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Just Breathe – Episode 174

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Travis Steffens in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Travis Steffens was born on a large cattle ranch in a tiny Colorado town. He was home-schooled and worked on the ranch until building his first company at 18 years of age. Through the process of the work he does, he discovered many healing modalities that were used to help people heal from the cellular level out, and one of those modalities was breath work. Travis took breathwork classes around the country that showed incredible individuals the power they held within their own bodies to get high on their own supply and heal through breath. So many of them asked for videos of these classes, so Travis’s next call to action was to build an app that would hold all the Breathwork instructions his crew could ever need, and The Breath Source was born. This episode talks about biohacking, the importance of breath from a spiritual & scientific perspective, the genesis of breath in Travis’ world, and how the Breath Source App can help you. Listen to find out more. 

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden welcomes everyone to the Age Hackers Podcast powered by Gladden Longevity. (0:35) 

Dr. Gladden introduces Travis Steffens and welcomes him to the show. (1:40) 

Travis shares that being on the ranch while growing up connected him to the planet, being outside, animals, and the universe in general. (3:40) 

Dr. Gladden notes that Travis grew up incredibly wealthy in a wealthy environment but without much money. (5:30) 

Travis recounts that his mom was very balanced in the divine masculine and feminine side. (8:00) 

Travis recollects how he met his wife in high school. (10:00) 

Travis lists some of the lessons he learned from Jessica while he was married to her. (12:40) 

Travis details how conscious capitalism was born and the start of his non-profit to empower people. (14:17) 

Travis states that wisdom is the ability to use knowledge. (16:00) 

Travis talks about taking down a tremendous amount of bad guys and cleaning. (19:55) 

Travis shares that most of the properties they sold are still very sustainable properties. (23:10) 

Travis explains that they would take people out of the streets and give them housing and the necessary skills and tools. (25:05) 

Travis emphasizes that cells will move toward health. (27:13) 

Dr. Gladden asks Travis how quality control is done every 5 minutes. (29:42) 

Travis discloses how understanding epigenetics has helped his work. (32:14) 

Dr. Gladden shares that all of health really comes down to programming and reprogramming. (35:44) 

Travis reveals that we can’t live forever because we are not spiritually aligned. (37:10) 

Travis discloses that they will be doing giveaways. (43:20)

Dr. Gladden hopes the listeners were inspired by Travis’s story, passion, selflessness, commitment, and focus on cooperation between people. (45:28) 

Dr. Gladden thanks Travis for coming on the show, and Travis shares his appreciation for the show. (46:32) 

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