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Methylene Blue: A Powerful Tool for Longevity? – Episode 202

Join Jeffrey Gladden and Dr. John Lieurance in this episode of Gladden Longevity. John A. Lieurance, ND, DC, DABCN, is an Author, Physician, Lecturer, and Scientific Advisor. Dr. John Lieurance, a practitioner with expertise in functional neurology, naturopathic medicine, and regenerative therapies, embarked on a health journey after battling Lyme, EBV, and Mold illnesses. His work centers on optimizing vitality, longevity, and consciousness. He champions the use of high-dose melatonin and other natural healing methods. Dr. John explores innovative healthcare approaches, including unique delivery systems like suppositories and nasal sprays. His focus spans cellular energy activation, addressing chronic inflammation, infections, and toxicity. He foundedthe Advanced Rejuvenation Center and developed Functional Cranial Release, a profound nervous system healing treatment. This episode will explore the relationship between stress and relaxation, emphasizing the harmful effects of overexertion and excessivework hours. Dr. Lieurance will discuss the roles of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems in managing stress. The conversation will also cover the importance of mitochondrial function and the body’s innate immune system in recovery from illness. Methylene blue’s effects on autophagy, Alzheimer’s disease, and mitochondrial function will be explored. The episode promises valuable insights into longevity and living healthier lives.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr Gladden shares that John is an expert on Melatonin (1:21)

John discloses that he is five ten and a half in height (3:00)

John mentions he will discuss some of his treatment strategies at his clinic (6:56)

Dr Gladden questions John about how to restore mitochondrial functions (9:04)

Dr Gladden asks John how he fixed himself and the issues he had (12:30)

John says Methylene blue’s significance lies in its impact on the microbiome, and it effectively addresses urinary tract infections and inhibits gram negative bacteria (14:31)

Dr. Gladden shares that it’s one thing to bring the bug under control and another thing to bring the immune system back to its normal state (17:10)

Taking care of your doorways helps you protect your health (19:17)

John details how Glutathione was the first thing that really helped him (21:31)

Dr. Gladden points out that melatonin is also an anti inflammatory (25:09)

For melatonin, the effects are different for individuals, and it’s important to find your own dose (28:07)

Many people are looking for ways to augment their HRV (31:54)

Melatonin supplementation was questioned due to flawed studies (35:15)

Melatonin is protective to the eyes and the reproductive system (38:07)

Methylene blue is an interesting molecule (42:45)

Sublingual delivery is not ideal for absorption of Methylene blue (45:42)

John discusses how Methylene blue enhances autophagy and clears protein tangles (48:30)

The best strategy for mitophagy hands down is ozone (51:35)

Lower dosages of Methylene Blue may address chronic infection induced depression (53:56)

Most people are too adrenalized and have not learned to relax (56:48)

Negative effects of SSRIs on memory consolidation (1:00:01)

John would be interested in the research involving the combination of the impact of Melatonin and Methylene Blue (1:06:05)

John says they are currently working on combining psychedelic medicines with their best
solution (1:09:05)

John lists the three things he does to keep healthy (1:13:35)

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