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Reclaiming and Recovering: A Journey of Healing and Self-Reflection – Episode 203

Join Jeffrey Gladden and Mukti Devi in this episode of Gladden Longevity. Mukti Devi’s journey began in 2016 after a painful divorce. Mukti Devi is a long time Sivananda Yoga practitioner, student, and teacher. She completed the Sivananda TTC and ATTC at the Sivananda Yoga Farm and has served in many Sivananda ashrams and centers over the years. She also teaches private yoga and meditation classes and offers workshops and courses for businesses and corporations. Faced with deceit, she left the relationship and embarked on a healing and self discovery journey in India. Initially expecting a 6 month trip, it ended up lasting five years. Mukti had also been a yoga teacher along the way. In this episode, they chat about the importance of healthy relationships, creating great relationships, embracing inner wholeness, self love, and lasting relationships.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

Dr Gladden and Steve have a chance to meet for the first time. (2:02)
Life presents challenges, loss, and separations, which can be emotionally heavy moments that
impact deeply. (4:50)
Dr. Gladden was asked why he chose certain partners and relationship patterns. (6:35)
Dr. Gladden explained how he did not feel safe and misunderstood love from a woman. (8:55)
The message “you’re on your own” led to a shift in mindset from making a living to making a
life, prioritizing business over anything. (10:32)
Mukti shares her experience during COVID-19 while staying in India and getting evacuated to
the US. (13:25)
Mukti recollected how she didn’t want to get into a relationship with anyone not willing to travel
the world. (16:00)
Dr. Gladden shares how Mukti’s profile blew him away. (21:35)
When something comes up that doesn’t feel quite right, we don’t put it down, but we will take it
up by being open minded. (24:28)
Sometimes, we have the sense that we are ready when we are not ready. (28:17)
Mukti says she understands life through the lens of mindfulness and yoga. (31:50)
In a relationship, we can return to reclaim the parts of ourselves that were formerly harmed.
Mukti feels so much complete in herself that Jeff has created a space for her to be seen. (39:58)
Interdependence happens in nature, and nature depends on each other. (44:17)
Steve talks about his intention in his dating journey. (47:31)
Mukti feels that when we go through the journey of healing as adults it’s a journey of reclamation. (48:37)


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