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Physics Now Provides Next Level Insights & Therapeutics – Episode 191

How can you restore your energy with bioenergetics?  Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter and Harry Massey in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Harry Massey is a visionary, entrepreneur and inventor in the field of bioenergetics, the study of energy in living systems. In 2002, Harry founded Exponential Health Innovations, a research and design company aiming to decode and recode health. Harry is the chairman of NES Health, where he has created clinical technologies that help practitioners detect and correct energy imbalances in their patients. As the CEO of Energy 4 Life, Harry has designed wearable technology that can restore your energy for life. Harry’s passion for bioenergetics was sparked by his own experience of overcoming chronic fatigue syndrome in his youth. This episode discusses how to restore your energy with bioenergetics, the principles of bioenergetics, how to benefit from bioenergetics with NES Health’s 3-step process, and recent research findings from The University of California San Diego.

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden says we are moving from biochemistry into physics as he introduces the show. (1:24)
Our guest is a big climber, discusses extra gear when doing different sports, and introduces Harry Massey as a collaborator. (02:51)
Harry states three accidents led to his being bedridden for seven years. (04:54)
Harry shares how he completed his MBA but ended up in a wheelchair. (7:25)
Health journey: NHS to diets and biologetics discovery. (09:17)
Harry shares that he had a business background and not a scientific background. (11:49)
Dr. Gladden says Harry is doing something special. (13:27)
Transmitting information with various methods is possible. (15:28)
Dr. Gladden describes how Harry can take someone’s hand and put it on a device to read their energetics. (17:30)
Revolutionary scanners are used to treat various viruses. (19:38)
Harry talks about having different concepts that led to an integrated system. (22:42)
Dr. Gladden explains how Harry’s recovery led to starting a company and how electromagnetic signals are used to mimic drugs. (25:10)
Harry mentions how you can record a chemical and transmit it. (27:38)
Harry speaks about meditation’s impact in reducing COVID infection. (30:01)
Harry mentions what is next for his company. (34:28)
Harry communicates that they are hiring their own researchers that will be permanently based in the lab. (36:05)
Steve shares how his late wife and himself went to see a bioenergetic specialist ten years ago. (38:39)
Dr. Gladden shares his appreciation to Harry and thanks him for being on the podcast. (43:26)

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YouTube: @NutriEnergetics


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