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The Fourth Phase of Water, NanoVi, and the Promise of the Extended Youth – Episode 192

Do better protein functions lead to higher mental and physical performance? Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden, Steve Reiter and Rowena Gates in this episode of the Age Hackers Podcast. Rowena Gates is a principal at Eng3 Corporation. She helped launch Eng3’s NanoVi technology and currently oversees business development related to health, regeneration, and performance. Rowena has been a serial entrepreneur since 1995, when she co-founded one of the earliest companies to offer an Internet-based solution to the logistics industry. Rowena received her Ph.D. from the University of Washington for her work on international strategic alliances and economic development. When not helping bring NanoVi to the world, Rowena enjoys a range of outdoor activities, family, friends, and cultivating her own health and performance. This episode discusses how proteins work and why they are at the leading edge of medical research, the system-wide approach to well-being (upgrading the OS instead of the apps and programs,) and why helping proteins fold can decelerate aging and improve well-being. Is repairing oxidative damage critical to longevity, and do protein repairs work? 

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden shares how they will be looking at a device that works and is a game changer. (1:05)

Dr. Gladden says Rowena Gates is involved in a medical device that they are interested in. (3:00)

Rowena recollects that the technology his colleague was working on was related to HRV. (5:14)

This technology improves the cellular environment using specific light wavelengths to enhance protein activity and folding in water. (05:57)

Dr. Gladden explains that cells can be understood as structures and biochemically active entities with energy. (08:32)

Rowena discusses the recognition of advanced technologies in Germany and Russia, with a pause in research due to the war in Ukraine. (10:57)

Dr. Gladden testifies that he has been using the device for over nine months. (13:45)

The NanoVi improves the structure of water in cells, enhancing protein folding and function. (17:12)

Water has a unique gel state called the 4th phase, which forms only on surfaces and excludes other substances. (18:17)

Dr. Gladden informs the listeners that when you have water in a gel form, it actually decreases entropy. (20:25)

Rowena touches on how they augment what the body is already doing. (22:20)

Dr. Gladden wants to know how water impacts aging. Rowena responded that proteins are repaired and protected by DNA, which can be damaged and needs repair. NanoVi repairs and prevents protein damage, potentially promoting longevity and healthy aging. (24:01)

Dr. Gladden takes a look at the varying attitudes towards exercise and the potential benefits of the NanoVi device in reducing DNA damage caused by intense physical activity. (26:52)

Dr. Gladden reiterates that his passion is to live young for a lifetime. (29:02)

Rowena says using the NanoVi helps high-functioning individuals stay sharp, have endurance, and recover when unable to use it. (32:11)

Rowena details how they make sure their measurement is secured without other interfering factors. (35:05)

Dr. Gladden wants to know if there is an advantage of using the device more. (37:06)

Dr. Gladden touches on the potential applications of the device in various health-related areas and the possibility of developing a more powerful version in the future. (39:25)

Prior use of the NanoVi leads to ongoing benefits, as shown in a study on athletes with 17% less blood lactate. Timing of use still needs further study. (42:01)

Rowena speaks about our webpage with evidence and a 3-minute video about NanoVi. Studies are available through logging in and are not public (45:30)

Dr. Gladden expresses his joy about having this interview. (48:02)

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