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The Closest Thing We Have to the Fountain of Youth – Episode 167

Join Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Tom Casey in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Tom Casey is the Founder, Chairman, and Chief Executive Officer of Spectrum Plasma and is responsible for overseeing all aspects of the Company’s business. Spectrum Plasma, dba SpecPlasma, in San Marcos, Texas, is the world’s first fully accredited blood bank to prescriptively supply blood plasma exclusively for out-of-hospital treatments. In this episode, they talk about how we are programmed to age, how blood plasma controls our aging, the safety of donating and receiving plasma, how young Fresh Frozen Plasma (yFFP®) is an infinitely renewable resource, and how its frequent donation promotes longevity. Listen to find out more. 

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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden introduces Tom Casey as the founder of Spectrum Plasma and mentions his work on young plasma. (00:48) 

Tom thanks Jeff for the invitation to the show. (2:30) 

Tom explains how he saw a need for intravenous solutions and started a company to satisfy that demand. (4:10) 

Tom recounts how he began an infection control company after selling his first company. (6:12) 

 Tom speaks about writing software to guide missiles, submarines, and different types of weapons. (8:02) 

Dr. Gladden illustrates heterochronic parabiosis with the case example of how an old mouse gets young, and the younger mouse gets old. (10:55) 

Tom references studies that show that plasma really controls our aging. (12:10) 

Dr. Gladden supports that aging is a program running inside your body. (14:20) 

Tom shares his perspective on plasma as an intact organic resource. (16:17) 

Dr. Gladden reminds everyone that the human DNA is being orchestrated to be expressed differently as you go through life. (20:17) 

Tom describes the ethanol fragmentation process and how it takes seven to nine months. (22:20) 

Tom emphasizes how everything shifted in 2000 and how this happened due to advanced testing, which made everything safe. (24:20) 

Tom reiterates that plasma is highly safe for use. (27:00) 

Dr. Gladden states that it’s really important to clean the system before you put the stem cells to work. (32:17) 

Tom notes that plasma is not as popular as it ought to be because you can’t patent plasma. (34:07) 

Tom details the rigorous ways in which plasma is tested to assure that it is safe. (38:50) 

Tom elaborates on how people do a very comprehensive protein test when they come for a screening. (41:10) 

Tom reveals that the blood bank industry serving hospitals can barely keep up with demand. (43:20) 

Tom advocates that frequent donation of plasma will promote longevity in the donor. (46:40) 

Dr. Gladden asks Tom if he has identified the main factors in the young plasma that carry all the benefits. (50:30) 

Dr. Gladden says everyone is looking for a magic bullet, but he believes there can’t be any single thing that addresses the entire problem. (52:45) 

Dr. Gladden disagrees with people focusing on one particular issue in the body system without recognizing that the body works as a symphony of many different parts. (54:25) 

Dr. Gladden recounts that data is available to show young plasma has effects on the gut biome. (57:00) 

Steve thanks everyone for listening to this episode. (59:50) 

To learn more about Spectrum Plasma, check out the following: 

Phone number: (512) 518-6262 

Twitter: @spectrumplasma 

Facebook: @Spectrum Plasma  

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