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Unveiling Pelvic Health and Ketamine Therapy – Episode 237

Welcome to the Gladden Longevity podcast, where we unravel the complexities of women’s health, mental well-being, and holistic care. In this episode, Dr. Gladden speaks with Alicia Patterson. Alicia Patterson is a mental health counselor and women’s pelvic health specialist in Denver. On top of years in the emergency mental health field, Alicia also holds additional training in EMDR therapy and other trauma-oriented tools, Dance Movement Therapy, Body Psychotherapy, visceral manipulation, Dialectical Behavioral Therapy, crisis assessment and remediation, attachment, perinatal psychology, Gestalt & transpersonal psychology, and more holistic models balancing the medical and alternative healing fields. Alicia provides various services, including specialized individual counseling, holistic pelvic care, practitioner training, professional mentorship, and more. Each episode explores trauma-informed care, pelvic health, somatic work, and more. Recognizing the limitations of modern systems, we emphasize that women’s health and mental well-being require comprehensive approaches beyond convention. Our mission is to empower through education, encouraging women to advocate for themselves in healthcare decisions. Three key points drive our discussions, urging listeners to address health needs promptly, embrace preventative care, and act urgently when attention is essential. Join us on a journey of empowerment and self-care at the Gladden Longevity podcast.

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30 and living young for a lifetime!

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