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AI + Early Detection = 😎 – Episode 187

What are the questions your listeners should ask themselves and their doctors right now that could save their lives? Dr. Jeffrey Gladden and Joe Bhakdi discuss that in this episode of the Gladden Longevity Podcast. Jo Bhakdi is the Founder and CEO of Quantgene with the mission to extend the healthy human life span by a decade within a decade. Together with Quantgene’s team of scientists and engineers, he is dedicated to introducing cloud, AI, and precision diagnostics into the standard of care to enhance the quality and accessibility of care for everyone and protect human life. Born to scientist parents, Jo grew up with a backdrop of medical research before earning a Master’s in Economics from Tubingen University, one of Germany’s leading academic institutions. Prior to Quantgene, Jo held executive positions at BDDO and Omnicom with a focus on business model innovation and technology, then founded i2X. This investment platform provides quantitative analytics for biotechnology and technology portfolios. This episode discussed early detection – how it can save lives and how being vigilant can protect you for years to come. They also delve into how there is a care gap in American health care and what can be done to mend it. Should health care be a priority for everyone for a longer life? 

Listen to this episode to learn about making 100 the new 30, and Living Young for a Lifetime! 


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Show Notes:

Dr. Gladden talks about today’s podcast interview with Jo Bhakti on the preemptive diagnosis. (00:31) 
Dr. Gladden speaks about what he has learned about heart attacks. (4:25) 
Human money comes with strings attached, and caution is needed. (06:36) 
Dr. Gladden says cheating is a function of stakeholders’ investment and interest in the outcome. (8:40) 
Interest in medicine led to studying economics, strategy, innovation, and venture capital. (11:09) 
Jo gives details about his journey and starting a new company. (13:43) 
Jo gives insight that risk is not a bad thing but it means volatility. (14:53) 
Jo takes us through what Quantgene does. (17:10) 
DNA sequencing: How it works and challenges. (20:13) 
Dr. Gladden notes to find something preemptively is hard work. (23:26) 
“Complex liquid biopsies combine high-tech modalities.” (24:06) 
“Multiple biological ages critical for longevity”. (28:39) 
Dr. Gladden notes that there are some hallmarks of aging. (30:48) 
Jo believes that cancer mutations happen before the cancer is treated. (34:30) 
Serenity offers an affordable early detection package. (37:16) 
Dr. Gladden explains that most people are afraid of being diagnosed. (40:14) 
Time, identity, and health. (44:12) 
Many people feel like a lot of diagnosis are untreatable. (46:55) 
Future systems watch over and optimize health efficiently. (48:43) 
Jo emphasizes that you need to develop systems for your health.  (51:15) 

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