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How to Find Balance in Your Life – Episode 112

Louis Stack is the founder and President of Fitter International, also known as Fitterfirst, which supplies premium professional and personal products that help people recover from and prevent injury, maintain balance and fitness, and keep moving at work. In this exciting episode, Dr. Jeffrey Gladden from Gladden Longevity and Louis converse about balance training, the various Fitterfirst products, proprioception, and the definition of fitness.

Listen to this episode to learn about making a hundred the new thirty, living beyond 120, and Living Young for a Lifetime!

Show Notes:

⦁ An important update for the Living Beyond 120 Podcast (1:54);
⦁ Dr. Gladden getting into balance training and being introduced to Fitterfirst (2:38);
⦁ Two impactful quotes from Benjamin Franklin (3:45);
⦁ Louis’s background and how he began looking into balance training (6:17);
⦁ The various types of balance training and balance boards Louis started out using (13:27);
⦁ What a bongo board is and its unique design (14:40);
⦁ How to safely enter into balance training and the various types of balance boards (15:26);
⦁ The benefits associated with safely approaching balance training for your overall health, as well as injury prevention and improving performance (18:30);
⦁ A story about a young athlete partaking in balance training early on, but suffered an injury after balance training stopped (21:44);
⦁ How these balance boards are a great tool for increasing proprioception and minimizing the risk of injury in athletes (24:17);
⦁ What to do in the instance you feel like you are going to fall off the board (26:21);
⦁ Integrating these boards into common spaces and the workspace (29:34);
⦁ What the Pro Fitter is, and how it is not only great for balance but also quadriceps training (35:43);
⦁ Using the balance boards to wake up your neuromuscular system (37:25);
⦁ Some cautions to take when using these boards for balance training (39:15);
⦁ Balance training allows for your neuromuscular system to become fine-tuned and young (41:42);
⦁ Louis’s goal to have balance boards in every home, business, and school in first world countries (45:17);
⦁ What led Louis to want to develop Fitterfirst’s Active Office products (51:17);
⦁ The mindset of getting back up (53:05);
⦁ Louis’s top three takeaways for listeners (56:48);
⦁ What it actually means to be fit (1:00:16);

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Bio: Louis J. Stack, Founder and President of Fitter International Inc. has been “Leading the World to Better Balance” since 1985. His brand Fitterfirst is recognized worldwide for supplying premium professional and personal products that help people recover from and prevent injury, maintain balance and fitness, and keep moving at work. Throughout his 30-plus years of experience as a business owner, national athlete, and father, he has built a foundation of integrity and quality in everything he does. Along his journey, Stack has been an advocate and industry expert, often leading the way in the physical rehabilitation world and setting precedents in the way we approach our office environment.


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